Spina bifida. Hydrocephalus. Chiari Malformation. Clubfoot.

Words and diagnoses that can be daunting and frightening, especially depending on how the medical provider breaks the news and explains them.

Far too often, the darkest scenario is painted, and currently in the U.S., only about 36% of babies diagnosed with spina bifida allowed to be born. In some countries, they laud their near-100% 'eradication'.

Fear is powerful. Fear is controlling. 

But hope is stronger than fear.

We want to share Evanna's story to give you and your loved ones hope. We've been there. We are there. We want you to see that Evanna isn't just fighting and surviving those diagnoses, but is thriving, and is loved dearly.

We also want to this site to inform. Check out the What Is...? section for information on those diagnoses.